Introducing Orchard

Introducing Orchard, the new cryptocurrency that is revolutionizing the industry by backing its value with the worth of a tree. Creating a better sustainable world with the opportunity to create sustainable wealth for you and the ones you love. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that are based on abstract concepts or fiat currencies, Orchard is grounded in the tangible value of a growing tree.

1 Coin ~ 1 Tree

Goal: 100.000.000 planted trees

Value based on a Real World Asset (RWA): the Tree

So as the tree grows, it’s value grows, so logicaly the value of your Orchard coin increases, creating a sustainable and long-lasting investment opportunity. But also with the possibility to trade the worth of the coin in a profitable crypto market situation. So less volatility and more security with the same freedom

dry earthtree cycle

Security and Cardano Blockchain

Orchard is built on the Cardano blockchain, making it highly secure and transparent. Investors can easily track the growth of their investment through regular updates on the growth of the trees. As the trees thrives and expands, so does the value of Orchard, creating a truly unique investment opportunity. Not only does Orchard provide a promising investment opportunity, but it also helps to promote sustainable practices and environmental conservation. With each purchase of an Orchard coin, investors are contributing to the growth of a new tree, helping to offset carbon emissions and promote a healthier environment.

Start investing in the world and your self today

Invest in Orchard today and join the revolution of sustainable and profitable cryptocurrency. Experience the unique benefits of a cryptocurrency that is backed by the value of a tree, and help promote a better future for generations to come.

Special DAO

Once a year we allocate 10% of the innitial coin price to other projects saving the planet. With the DAO in our organisation you can vote or propose for different organisations world wide. Like:

Just Diggit Fruitfuloffice WWF, etc


How many trees do I need to compensate my footprint
+/- 420
Where can I buy the Orchard Token
We keep you posted on the ICO when you leave your mail
Can I preorder Orchard tokens
Yes, let us know how much tokens you want and we get back to you before the intial ICO
What happens when trees get sick or burn
That is our problem. But we spread the risk by working with different company's and on different locations, world wide.

For more info or remarks, mail to: